Fall Winter  2017


At 5yMedio we design shoes Made in Spain, with high quality leathers, that adapt to the frenetic lifestyle of a nonconformist woman who thinks that for primping there is no need to endure. A different kind of woman that believes that her appeal is not given by the height of her heels.




5yMedio is born to vindicate a healthy heel height, which ranges, as doctor’s recommendations, from 2,5 to 5,5 (5yMedio) cm - 1" to 2 1/5" -, which are the suitables slants of the femenine foot that allows women to feel comfortable all day long, and, if necessary, all night long too. 


Spring Summer 2017

Cloda Tin
120.00 200.00
Melibea Ocean
160.00 200.00
Sol Whiskey
140.00 205.00